A day in paradise | beach day ☀️

I was born in a seaside city and my parents have instill the love for the beach in me. Since I was little I used to spend good hours with my parents and friends at the beach, playing in the sand and learning how to swim. I have beautiful memories and some scary ones when I almost drowned.

Recently my parents have discovered a wild beach close to our city and we like to spend our entire day there. We read, we talk, we swim, we eat and we tan. We never liked agglomeration so this is the perfect place for us. Around us were only 2 people and 200 mètres away other 5. The water was just fine for a swim and to cool down our heated bodies. It had the most beautiful colors and was pretty clear too! I love this place with all my heart! ❣️

Below are some pics from yesterday. I tried my best to look good in a bikini photo but you can clearly see that I love food. 😂

We also saw a beautiful sunset when we left. I am so thankful for yesterday! I loved every single second!

Kisses with ❤️

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