Travel with me in ITALY | Part 3

The last part of the trilogy “Travel with me in ITALY” carries us in the beautiful Verona. In case you’ve missed the first two parts here they are: Travel with me in ITALY | Part 1 and Travel with me in ITALY | Part 2 .

Because we wanted to see a lot in a few days we decided to stay in a city close to Venice but which was a hour and a half away from Verona by train. This city in called Mestre.

The day started for us at 6am because my mom wanted to catch the first train to Verona but unfortunately we took the wrong bus to the railway station and ended up in a side of the city where we have never been to and we didn’t know how to get where we wanted in time to catch the train. As we were waiting for a bus, in the bus stop showed up an old lady which was complaining with a smile on her face about the kids who where late for school. We just smiled at her because neither of us knew Italian. The lady kept on talking and my dad tried to explain to her that we are tourists. Then I tried to ask her how we can get to the railway station but she didn’t know English so my dad mixed Romanian with Italian and she understood. The lady was so kind that she came with us at the railway station and then she continued her tasks.

We arrived at the railway station 5 minutes late and we missed the first train so we had to walk around for 2 hours until the next train to Verona was due to leave but we didn’t mind because we had to see more of Mestre.

In Verona we saw the Arena, the balcony of Juliet’s house and Piazza Francesco Viviani. Verona is indeed a beautiful city. We spent hours walking around in the old town of the city and admiring every building and dog haha.

IMG_5497IMG_5496IMG_5501IMG_5508IMG_1011Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetIMG_5530IMG_5532IMG_5568IMG_5515IMG_5522

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