Electric Blue | Makeup Look

What’s up guyssssss?

I was watching a Youtube video and the girl was talking about Selena Gomez’s makeup hacks and she was saying that she saw Selena using a lot of blues and purples to accentuate her brown eyes. So I thought Hmmmmm why not play with some colour today, right?

This bottom lid electric blue eyeliner came out of nowhere and I’m really happy with the result. I honestly think this is the cleanest makeup look I ever did! (I’m so messy…).

I used a Seventeen light blue pencil for a base line and then I intensified it with blue eyeshadow. In the inner corner I used a shimmery blue applied with a wet brush. The upper lid has a little definition in the crease and a little bit o a cranberry colour on the lid. I did a simple winged eyeliner which ends before the blue one.

This look is something new to me because I don’t usually play with colours but I really love it. It’s really simple and quick to do and it looks different and still wearable at night time. What do you guys think ? Should I try more colourful makeup looks?



Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elisasoaree/


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