How To Achieve a Natural Contour

We all know what contour is, right? Here is the way I do it. It’s kind of natural but it still gives you some definition to the face.

I’m using Bh Cosmetics Brushes, the bronzer and blush are from theBalm in theBalm of Your Hand Palette and the highlighter is from Sleek Face Form Palette.

I like to contour my forehead (because it’s huuuge), cheeks, nose, eyes –click here to see how I contour my eyes -, underneath my lips and my jawline- I make sure that I blend everything out really well because I don’t want any harsh lines anywhere on my face-

T I P S:

To have a seamless transition between blush and bronzer I like to use the same brush and mix them together. I do this after I’ve applied the contour. I mix them but I make sure that I have more blush on the brush than bronzer.

I like to extend the line of the contour of the eyes because I feel like it makes them look more definited.

For a bomb highlighter I like to apply it first with my finger and then I blend it out with the brush. I don’t know if it’s just in my head but it makes it pop out a lot.

Don’t press the brush too hard on your face because you will not get beautiful results. Keep everything light and do a lot of blending because this is the key of a flawless face.

I hope you like it and if you have any questions just ask me!

Bye Beauties.



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