Matte Lips In a Blink

As we all know, matte lips are a must have no matter what season is. Many brands have matte lipsticks but they can be quite expensive and if you are stingy as I am you will not want to waste all this money on them. So in order to achieve a matte lipstick you will need one thing: translucide powder! Easy peasy isn’t it?

Take your fave lipstick and apply it normally on your lips. Use you index finger to take some amount of powder and press it on the lips. To blend out the powder don’t rub your lips! Try and press them together quickly for multiple times.


( In the photo I’ve used a nude lip pencil all over the lips, a pink one to line them and a pink lipstick to fill them in- and ofc powder )

I hope you learned something new today. Tell me if you try it and if you like it!

Bye beauties.


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