Eyes Contour

Face contour, nose contour, lips contour…Why not eyes contour? It’s a simple method that makes your eyes look bigger. It’s easy and really quick.

First things first apply a base and fix it with an eyeshadow  close to the color of your eyelid.


Continue by taking a small brush with which you will apply a grayish eyeshadow (you can change the color depending on what look you  want to do. Remember that the color should be a little darker than the color that is on the bottom lid to create shadow). I used a grayish one because I did a natural makeup and I feel that this color looks more seamless than a brown one.

Make sure you blend out this color really good because we don’t want a line of grey underneath our eyes.


I didn’t take pictures, but I applied a mix between the grey color and a little bit of brown in my crease and I blended it out. Then I applied a white eyeshadow on the lid using my finger and some shimmer in the inner corners of my eyes. To make my eyes pop even more I applied a white pencil in my water line and some highlighter on my browbone. I finished the look with some eyeliner and a lot of mascara!


I always feel confident when I do this technique. I hope you all will try it and like it as much as I do!

Bye beauties.


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